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We assume that you want to step into the programming world, the place with unlimited scopes for establishing your career or changing you career path or even for just a challenge; it could be the time to start coding.

“There are chances that you have thought to give this idea a go but couldn’t find the right/free time. This time make your quarantine days as productive as you can.”

You might ask where to start or what to learn? Well we have a list for that

1. Python

Python stays top in our list, is extensively considered the best well-rounded programming language, and it has been used to build a varied range of web applications starting from YouTube, to Instagram, to different business analysis applications. Python does have a large developer community and its very beginner friendly. It has great library support and focused on code readability, which makes it a very good choice to start with or to develop a large scale project.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is known as a server side programming language used to create the front-end of web applications (different back-end tools powering those apps). E.g. JavaScript is commonly used to make web elements responsive. These days JavaScript is probably the most commonly used programming languages you want to get your hands on. Also JavaScript is one of the easiest to learn.

3. Java

Java is frequently used to develop back-end, but then again is also generally used for Android development. Learning Java can be a bit more difficult than the other programming languages up there but due to its broad usage and versatility Java can be a great programming language to start with.

4. Swift

Swift is a programming language created by Apple, to build Apple operating system supporting apps as well as a general-purpose language expected to be an easy learning but potent enough for developers. Swift had been brought to substitute C/C++ and build to create apps for iPhones and iPads. iOS is quite a vast platform to develop for, making it a good starter language. Apple even offers a virtual boot-camp for kids to learn coding in Swift.

5. C/C++

C/C++ has been in the programming world since the beginning, which means there is a no lacking of resources in case you need help to learn or build. C is mainly an all-purpose programming language, while C++ is an upgraded-addition to it. Though we have positioned it at No. 5, it’s one of the fundamental languages to develop operating systems or file management systems. People also use it for multiplatform development as it is supported universally. C/C++ maybe a bit harder to learn but it has always remaining scopes in the job industry.

So why are you waiting for! Go ahead and learn one of them/or maybe more. There are plenty of free resources out there in the internet!!

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