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Let’s have a peak into the New PHP 8 insights, the upcoming brand new upgrade!!

“PHP is still the world’s most popular server side language for website development. With an probable 80% market share, PHP is everywhere. PHP has been growing since, and the next foremost releases are PHP 8.0.0 and the JIT (Just in time) compilation. Let’s make a dive at these”

The previous main version of PHP was 7.0.0. This release had been a key milestone with significantly enhanced performance and lesser memory usage. Since 7.0 There have been two releases combining features and resolved issues: 7.1 in 2016 and 7.2 in 2017

The releasing date of new PHP 8.0 is not yet programmed, but as it is an important upgrade for the famous server-side language it will take some time. Although rumors heard and according to some speculations at the SymfonyCon the release date of PHP 8.0.0 will be September 23rd, 2021.

PHP 8 update will have lots of changes where it mainly features the following changes

  • Backward Incompatible Changes
  • New Features
  • Changes in SAPI modules
  • Deprecated Functionality
  • Changed Functions
  • New Functions
  • New Classes and Interfaces
  • Removed Extensions and SAPIs
  • Other Changes to Extensions
  • Some New Global Constants
  • Changes to INI File Handling
  • Windows Support
  • Other Changes
  • Major Performance Improvements

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