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When Apple made the declaration of the new iOS 14, at the yearly WWDC on 22th June, we have also become acknowledged about the highly anticipated iPhone 12 and the previous gen iPhones which are going to receive the update in the future.

“We are expecting the latest software updates included with some brand new, faster and more optimized hardware equipment installed inside Apples upcoming new flagship.”

While we are eagerly waiting for new iPhone we couldn’t resist ourselves from peaking at leaks and have some brief discussions on the different aspects. From so far we have come to know, here goes our today’s article.

  • This year’s iPhone could be released in late October, this year which is not similar to the previous generation iPhone launchings. As for the Wall Street reports go the release might face a certain delay due to the current Covid-19 situation and it could be the reason why Apple will keep the launching due for a month.
  • Now let’s come to the pricing of the newbie. According to sources, there have been some rumors that Apple might keep the price of this year’s base iPhone lower than the previous year’s base price. They could release this year’s base version at 649$ which is 50$ cheaper than last years.
  • We think the design aesthetics of the new iPhone will be the same as the last two years phones with a slightly thinner notch and narrowed down bezels. It will be packed in metal and glass sandwich body with minor design changes taking the recent image leaks into the account. While the design and aesthetics might not be the charms but there might be a new color called “Dark Blue” could be. Last year Apple sold their new “Midnight Green” color phones exceptionally well. The new color is creating a good hype also before it actually being released.
  • Moving on to the display section the new iPhone 12 could feature a screen size of 5.4-inch with 120Hz refresh rate and the pro version might go larger with a 6.7-inch ProMotion display which is already been used in the current iPad Pro.
  • As it is already 2020 and 5G has already been introduced and used by many tech giants like Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi etc. But Apple didn’t go down that road. As it’s a thing that Apple doesn’t catch on the trends immediately. Since they haven’t used 5G yet on their phones, they might introduce 5G(according to sources). And we’ll be waiting to see what happens next.
  • Talking about the cameras, new generation iPhones had 3D depth sensing on their front facing cameras, which is known as the Face ID. The news is that maybe Apple is planning to implement the technology on their rear cameras too, to level up their augmented reality applications, portrait and night mode.
  • Now time for the special news! Apple may not include the EarPod in the box this year. That means extra revenue as they want people to buy their wireless EarPods.

Will all this speculations and thoughts, this will be the end of our article. Till then, Chao!

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