About this project

As Frontier’s principal and founder, Pancho brings considerable experience gained over 30 years of corporate sales success. He marries his passion for psychology with his business experience to help others achieve the results they want.He has undertaken formal and self-guided training in a wide range of disciplines including social psychology, cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-linguistic training, hypnosis and traditional emotional therapy.

One of Pancho’s key strengths is his ability to draw on the theories of psychology and translate them into practical and implementable strategies. To do this, he draws on his diverse business and personal experiences, from owning SMEs (small/medium sized businesses) through to working at the highest levels in corporate Australia and New Zealand.

Pancho’s knowledge of the psychology of winning and his on-going collaboration with leading behavioural and clinical psychologists means his programs are always evolving to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge.

Pancho has authored a host of training, mentoring and development programmes as well as speaking professionally on the psychology in sales and optimum professional performance, both in Australia and internationally.